Feedback from Luxembourg magician Sylvain Juzan’s guestbook


A huge and warm Thank You Sylvain for the show you did at our Expat event. Your presence, kindness, enthusiasm and energy gathered our guests together and made this event a big success. Thanks again for your sincerity and generosity! We hope we could invite you again to one of our coming events

Coralie M. – Global Mobility Manager – PriceWaterhouseCoopers

british embassy

Thanks to illusions that were each more bewildering than the previous, Sylvain seduced all of our guests with his sense of humour, kindness and dexterity. His talent and manipulative skills really put everyone’s logic and cognitive abilities to the test. He brought magic and enthusiasm to our event and turned it into a memorable one. A huge thank you for his support and professionalism.

Julia F. François G. et Célestine R. – Marketing Officers- IQ-EQ

We hired Sylvain for a customer VIP party and were totally pleased with his expertise and ability to interact very easily with our customers. You should also be aware that Sylvain speaks fluently English, which was highly appreciated during the event.

Florian R. – Communication and Event, Louis Vuitton Benelux and Nordics – Louis Vuitton


We had a very nice and pleasant evening. Even with little space and only a few centimetres away from our eyes, Sylvain fooled all of us with incredible routines. He is working with high professionalism and I recommend him to add magic to your parties, private or corporate. Once more: bravo.

Stéphane S – Responsable MOE – Sogelife / Société Générale

I would like to sincerely thank you for your work: our customers enjoyed the effects you presented, and some of them are still trying to figure out how it works… I really appreciated your professionalism: you managed to animate this event with both unobtrusiveness and fun. I will not hesitate to ask for your services in the future.

Zoulika M. – Event Planner – Brown Brothers Harriman

A huge « Thank you » for all the magic you brought into our cocktail last night. With your card routines you seduced, impressed and of course fooled our guests. All of them were delighted and this party was a success. The entire team appreciated your discreet yet efficient presence, your professionalism and your flexibility. Bravo!

The entire marketing team of ING Investment Management

We had such a great night hosted by Sylvain, who fitted perfectly to the environment, the guests and the location, performing both in French and English. We had so much fun, he involved us in his tricks and his mysterious magic fooled us. Thanks Sylvain for this outstanding performance at our event!

The team of the European Investment Fund

Thank you for this magical evening ! Cards fly, change colour, and we still dont get how it can be done. Coins appear and multiply, you redistribute them and we have no idea how you do it ! Trully wonderful; I hope we can experience pretty soon all these incredible laughs one more time. Hope to see you soon again !

Carine T. – Senior Manager Human Resources – JTC Signes

As members of the ALFI (Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry) we attended their annual conference as usual last October 24th and 25th. We had our own booth and were looking for some tactful yet efficient animation in order to get in contact with other participants. […] He entertained more than 1.000 attendants, being both discreet and professional. We thank him for his involvement, flexibility and kindness and would recommend him to anyone, private or corporate, looking for far more than just a magician: an attentive and passionate person.

Aurore G – Business Development – HSBC Securities


Needless to say that if you are looking for someone able to fool your guests, he is the one you need! Using a perfect balance of surprise and fun enables Sylvain to turn each trick into a unique and extraordinary show. This is outstanding. He will leave you speachless and dreaming! You can absolutely trust him.

Laura B. – Office Management Assistant – Hogan Lovels (Luxembourg) LLP


The entire team warmly thanks you! Sylvain fooled our guests with his sense of humour, kindness and professionalism. We will long remember the Jobs.LU 10 year party!

Christelle H. – Marketing Executive – Jobs.LU

The entire Netcore crew would like to thank you for your wonderful performance at our Winter Party. Our Board of Directors was fooled by such strong magic. Thanks again for your performance and professionalism. It would be a pleasure to work with you again

Cécile C. – Responsable Marketing et Communication – Netcore

Thank you very much; we had a pleasant evening. You are very good.

Isabelle F. – Back Office – Scania

I really enjoyed the way you entertained us at our party. Highly professional. Do not hesitate to mention me as reference if needed.

Bernard D. – Directeur – EMC²

“Incredible”, “talented”, “really cool” were what we heard to describe Sylvain while performing at our Echternach workshop.

Fiona L – Responsable Projets – ADAse

Thank you for the excellent show last Friday evening at Le Bouquet Garni. You made our Christmas Event special and definitely memorable. We were all highly impressed with your skill and the way you kept us engaged. That was brilliant… genuinely brilliant.

Masco Europe Sàrl


We thank you for your huge talent and sense of humour. Our customers and us really had a great time watching you and we owe it all to you for this warm atmosphere. No doubt I will keep talking about you!

Sarha I. – Executive Assistant – Econocom Osiatis


Congratulations on your outstanding performance during our Christmas corporate party. You fooled us badly. Even right under our noses, impossible to see the slightest sleight! Thanks for your kindness, humour and charisma. May the Magic stay with you!

Serge S.A – Directeur Marketing – Logdirect

We all had a dinner to remember thanks to this talented magician. All colleagues (from various European countries) enjoyed his tricks and sense of humour. Great time! If you want to add some fun to your event, be it private or corporate, just hire this highly professional guy!

Catherine S. – Executive Assistant – Van Aerden Group

I had the pleasure of watching a close-up and mentalism performance by Sylvain and I have to say it wasa a trully mind-blowing moment ! Sylvain is a true master of his craft, and he effortlessly wowed us with his incredible skill and talent. The tricks themselves were stunning and kept us on the edge of our seats. He performed a variety of illusions, from card tricks to mind-reading, all executed with such precision and tons of fun. Overall I would highly recommend Sylvain to anyone looking for a magical and mind-bending experience. His performance was truly remarkable and I can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

Carole D. – Transport Manager – Egger

Dear Sylvain,

Many thanks for your wonderful performance on “Fool Us” and a delighted extra thanks for your beautiful book. We’ll try and readi it before you return and fool us with one of your brillantly sneaky tricks.




You joined us for our opening ceremony. Our guests sincerely appreciated the routines you presented, being both professional and discreet. Following this, I have recommended you to several persons I know, who could only confirm what I just wrote. I will ask you to come once again when the time comes.

Sidney S – Gérant – Immocube

Un grand merci pour votre prestation d’hier soir! Chapeau!

Karine D. – Assistante de Direction – Centre François Baclesse

We had an evening full of magic. Thanks for your contribution to our 5 year birthday corporate party! Our guests were delighted and you just rocked. Congratulations again, and thank you.

Delphine B. – Administrative & Office Assistant – CASC.EU

One more time I thank you for your animation that everybody here really enjoyed, especially myself. You brought us magic moments that make us dream.

Marina L- Responsable O.T. – BGL BNP Paribas


He entertained and fooled our guests with sympathy and professionalism. We highly recommend his magic services.

Dimitri G. – Directeur – La Conciergerie du Luxembourg


Sylvain used his charm and humour to enliven our event. He fully contributed to the warm atmosphere we all enjoyed thanks to his impressive sleight of hand skills and enigmatic

The entire team of Nexon Europe Sàrl

I followed Sylvain’s trick with interest and surprise, being constantly fooled. His effects are flawless and we still try to figure out how they work. He made our corporate party so magical. Thanks a lot!

Marielle P – Kabam

ID, as an event company, trusts Sylvain for his professionalism and his sense of animation. We appreciate the enigmatic and sophisticated atmosphere he brings to our private and corporate events. Guaranteed entertainment!

Bénédicte R – Directrice – Identity

That was great entertainment; we were all appreciative.

Laura B. – Présidente de la section Luxembourg – Association internationale des Anciens de l’U.E.

On behalf of CHAMP Cargosystems event team, we would like to truly and sincerly thank you for your outstanding show which made our Christmas Night unforgatble. We will contact you for sure for our next events!

The event team of CHAMP Cargosystems


Having such a discreet and pro magician contributed a lot to make this corporate party a success. His magic effects are filled up with humour and jokes. Fooling and right under your nose. We are still today talking about the mystery he left behind him! …

Christine de R. – Corporate Communication – Luxconnect


I thank you for your energy, kindness and professionalism.

Franck L. – Directeur Général – Hôtel Le Place d’Armes

– A real pleasure to see feats you would usually watch on TV.
Breathtaking !
– Thank you Sylvain for this magical moments! You hosted our night with both sense of humour and incredible talent; you fooled us! And what a general knowledge about geography, that also was impressive!
– In magic such as everywhere else, the Rule of Thumb to understand is to see what cannot be seen… I am still trying to figure out his illusions. Thanks for this outstanding moment !

Several team members of Crédit Agricole Life Insurance Europe

This year again, as we do every year, we asked you to come and host our Magic and Circus workshop within our linguistic summer camps. Kids eagerly awaited your show and teachings, and left with stars in their eyes. We thank you for your availability, kindness, patience and attention towards the kids, who definitely wait for you next year !

Mélissa B. – Kids&Teens Program director – Berlitz Luxembourg

We hired Sylvain for the second time and were this time again very happy! Being both fun and cool he needed only a few seconds to catch our guests attention. Great professionalism. Very good moments spent together; thanks a lot Sylvain.

Audrey N. – Codirectrice – Codur

We thank you for everything; your show was just perfect. Thanks a lot for your professionalism and sense of humour, it made our party a big success. I will talk about yourself around me, trust me!

Stephane S. – C.E.O. – Allotools

We enjoyed your magic very much, thank you ! People have said to me that you are excellent at what you do (but I knew that anyway!) You are reliable, funny, patient (when people look up your sleeves!) and I loved how you seemed to be a party member, you just blended in perfectly. I will definitely book you again for a future party.

Christine B. – Head of HR and Corporate Governance – Swissquote


I was fortunate enough to meet magician Sylvain Juzan for our Christmas corporate celebrations. His tricks took us by storm, and co-workers went from being puzzled to trully amazed. I was so happy we could have such a great animation for an event we have all been waiting too long to take place. Magic and Sylvain : a winning combo for your event !

Jessica G. – Chargée de communication – SNHBM


Finally, I recommend Sylvain Juzan from Luxembourg. This French magician is delightfully creative and was a true joy to have at our convention. He is definitely a close-up magician and a “card guy!” This individual is quickly rising to fame, and it won’t be long before we can label him a “hidden gem.”

I must admit that when I was first approached by Sylvain I din’t know who he was. He had appeared on Fool Us recently and he took his audience by storm. Sylvain was our spotlight international act, and he introduced our audiences to a magic culture that many had never seen before.

Sylvain Juzan’s work is modernistic, simple, clean-cut, and powerful. He focuses less on putting on a “show” and making genuine connections with his audiences. His demeanor is somewhat reminiscent of the close-up work of Tommy Wonder, Karrel Fox and Boris Wild.

When it comes to Fabian, Jeannette, and Sylvain, I must say that their best qualities are revealed behind the scenes. In the crucible that is a tech rehearsal or setup time, all of these performers kept their cool in situations that would have made others freak out. So many magicians are wonderful people on stage but are an absolute nuisance backstage, full of pride and drama. That’s not the case with any of these performers.

Bronson Chadwick – President of the Texas Association Of Magicians

Private Events

For our wedding I was looking for something really amazing that my guests would not forget. Sylvain blows your minds, that’s why we love watching his performance. His magic is very, very, powerfull. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a enchanting moment. He is a passionate, a real one.

Suzanne B. – Wedding


Let me first thank you for your talent and kindness! […] This is really strong, so: congratulations one more time, and thanks again for this dazzling moment!

Kévin T. – Birthday

Mr Juzan hypnotised our guests with his magic skills. Deeply fooled only a few seconds after he started his routines, many of our hosts admired his great adaptation and artistic abilities. We can do nothing else but recommend him to you: he will give an other dimension to your events with his astonishing sleights of hands.

Florence d’O. – Wedding

Thanks again for this wonderful evening! That was really cool, friendly, entertaining, nice. Great time! Most of my friends came to see me at the end and asked me: « where did you find this guy? He’s just terrific! » Thanks a lot

Jeannine B. – Birthday

A fantastic show. Thank you for having delighted our relatives and friends!

Beatrijs H. – Wedding

With your kindness and sense of humour you captivated chidren as well as adults and fooled us everytime. We thank you one more time for having added such an original tuch to our party; everybody now recalls it with laugh and delight.

Audrey & Miguel M. – Wedding


We just want to thank you for your work at our wedding !!! Your presence among us was really great; our guests were impressed by your talents. Thank you and thank you one more time !!!

Jérôme & Alexandra L. – Wedding


“God damn it! This guy is too good!” … is what we heard all night long at our wedding. And sure he is! We only got positive feedbacks from happy guests. Not only is he friendly and smiley, he mixes professionalism and discretion, so what do you want more? If you want to add a classy and original touch to your event and delight your guests, call him, you won’t regret it! Thanks again Sylvain !

Laurence & Laurent D. – Wedding

Thanks again for your show which delighted our guests, adults and kids alike. All the ingredients were there: professionalism, mystery, kindness. Your tricks left us speechless! You are incredible.

Anne & Laurent S. – Wedding