Close-Up and Mentalism Magic for private or corporate events

* Interactive Magic mixing Close-Up effects and Mentalism illusions.

– As the name implies, close-up magic is the branch of prestidigitation performed very close to the spectators. Close-up magic is visual magic at its best! Even if I perform in silence, spectators can easily follow as cards appear, coins vanish, objects change places or transform. My favorite close-up tools are playing cards but I also perform with coins or any other small items at hand.

Mentalism refers to a magician’s ability to create an illusion of para-normal skills. As the great American mentalist Banacheck put it, mentalism is the art of using one’s five senses to create the illusion of a sixth one. Mental illusions include thought reading, thought transmission, and clairvoyance. But let’s be ultra clear here – this never gets personal! I predict the card you will think of, not your next job move!

It should be obvious by now that everything I do is based on interacting with the audience and asking guests to actively join in the fun. Forget about seeing doves or levitation, you will be more an actor than a spectator.


* Magic that adapts to your situations and your guests

– I can perform whatever the circumstances: strolling magic at cocktails, table hopping for sit down dinners, crowd gathering magic on a designated spot during trade shows, etc. We can also blend all these situations for your own customized event. Let’s for instance start by performing walk-around during the cocktail hour, then why not do a two to three minute mental fooler featuring the company CEO for the crowd before switching to table hopping magic during dinner? This is your event, you make the rules!

– The many effects I present are selected for the specific audience I am performing to. My wide range of material means I do not repeat the same set of tricks from one table to the other nor from one event to the other. Some people have strong reactions to highly visual illusions, some are more curious about mentalism, while the amateur card players will likely focus their attention on my “card shark / gambling” theme demonstrations. I am here to adapt to the audience, not the opposite.

I have had the opportunity to perform in various and sometimes surprising venues (from limo buses to castle restaurants, from open air stages to yachts, from villas to private suites) and for all kinds of audiences (adults, kids, gamblers, casino workers, and even deaf-mutes) so please do not worry, I will adapt to your event!


* Magic that perfectly fits in with private or corporate parties

– Private events where I have been asked to perform include weddings, birthdays, social gatherings, holiday parties and various celebrations.

– Corporate shows include extravagant galas, customer appreciation nights, new product launches, educational seminars, cocktail parties, trade shows and team building events. And this list is not an exhaustive one!

– Last but not least I have been fortunate to perform at very specific occasions, including numerous TV appearances, comedy festivals, workshops, theater plays, and card cheating demonstrations.

Quite frankly I think a divorce is the only life event I have not yet been hired for… I even once worked at a company termination dinner!